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January 12, 2016
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January 25, 2016
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Albany Gun Owners Now Must Lock/Store Their Weapons

cable lock running through the chamber and magazine well of a handgun

A new law in Albany requires gun owners to lock their weapons or store them safely when not in their “immediate possession or control.”

“This is a common sense approach to keeping our residents safer,” Mayor Kathy Sheehan said. “Everyone can agree that the simple steps required by this ordinance protect gun owners, children, families, and the larger community from unintentional accidents or violence involving guns. This law makes Albany a leader in gun safety and a role model to all communities wanting to take practical measures to prevent gun injuries and deaths.”

“As police officers, we take safe gun storage extremely seriously,” said Albany Police Chief Brendan Cox. “By requiring guns to be safely locked or stored, this law will help prevent one of the scourges that make all Americans less safe—guns that are stolen and end up in the illegal market and in the hands of criminals.”

The law follows earlier enactments by Buffalo, Rochester, New York City, and Westchester County, and Albany is the first New York community to pass the law in at least a decade.

Gun locks are available for free at police headquarters, the center and south stations.


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