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January 11, 2017
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Constitutional carry bill proposed in North Carolina

3D rendering of the flag of North Carolina on satin texture.

Constitutional carry has taken another step forward. The practice has exploded in recent years, with many states having passed constitutional carry laws and even more introducing bills to become constitutional carry states. This time it’s North Carolina’s turn, where a constitutional carry bill has just been proposed to the legislature:

A group of House lawmakers on Wednesday introduced a measure to make North Carolina the next state to grant concealed handgun carry without a permit.

The measure, HB 69, has seven co-sponsors and aims to retain the current permitting system for purposes of reciprocity with other states while removing the requirement to have a license to carry inside the state.

Rep. Larry Pittman, R-Cabarrus, one of the supporters, argues that Tar Heel State residents already enjoy open carry without a permit, making the move to constitutional carry the next logical step.

“The Second Amendment is the only permit an honest, peaceful citizen should need to carry a firearm, openly or concealed,” Pittman told “We have open carry in North Carolina without any permit required. It makes no sense to differentiate between the same person carrying openly or concealed. When the Second Amendment says ‘shall not be infringed,’ that’s what it means.”


If North Carolina’s bill passes, they’ll join the 11 states that currently have constitutional carry laws on the books. 22 other states have had bills introduced, and the frequency of these bills is certainly increasing. For us New Yorkers, however, there’s little chance of one being passed, or even introduced, in our legislature. Or rather, it might be less surprising to see a pig flying!

What do you think – are you in favor of constitutional carry laws?