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May 31, 2016
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Facebook is Throttling Gun News Distribution

Man revealing a handgun stuck in the waistband of his pants

Facebook really, really doesn’t like guns. From Concealed Nation:

Facebook has admitted to [Brandon Curtis, publisher of Concealed Nation] that the social media giant has suppressed the gun-related pages’ distribution. They claimed their posts had “too much commercial content.”

“I realized our Facebook page wasn’t the only firearm-related website that had experienced a dramatic decrease in traffic,” said Luke McCoy, founder of USA Carry. “I emailed the same account manager at Facebook about our situation. She said that people were claiming our content was overly promotional.”

“Content that would normally reach our nearly one million followers has steadily dropped to a fraction of what it once was, despite our page’s continual growth of new followers,” said Rob Russo, social media manager for Alien Gear Holsters.

Curtis informed Facebook that Concealed Nation, The Truth About Guns and other affected sites’ content was purely editorial. Facebook’s account manager then claimed the pages had been flagged by users. Nearly a month has passed and Facebook has yet to provide further information, and has not given a timeline for any type of resolution.

To read the rest of Concealed Nation’s press release, click here. This isn’t the first time Facebook has done something like this, and we’re sure it won’t be the last.