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July 5, 2016
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July 12, 2016
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Flying with Rifles: Travel Tips for an African Hunt

A large acacia tree is silhouetted by the setting sun in an African National Park.

This article from Field and Stream does an excellent job of laying out the process of traveling with guns. The first half of the article covers the author’s trip, and the second half contains a fantastic array of airplane travel tips.

I started flying with rifles on a regular basis in 1971. I remember showing up at LaGuardia Airport in 1972 with two rifles in soft cases and asking at the check-in counter if the pilot would mind taking them into the cockpit with him. Sure, was the reply, no problem.

Things have changed somewhat.

By way of background for this post, I flew, with guns, out of either LaGuardia or JFK an average of six or seven times a year every year from 1978 until 2012. These airports annually make the top of “Worst Airports in the U.S.” surveys. LaGuardia is the Third World without the charm. JFK not only shares its ambience, but also was designed by someone in the final stages of paresis. Even with all that, I hardly ever had a problem, and never with the law.

So, let me tell you about my recent flight to and from Africa that you may be instructed thereby.

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