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Klein Proposes Confiscation Of Guns For Those On No-Fly List (Updated)

As lawmakers in Congress disagree over a measure that would bar those on the no-fly list from buying guns, Sen. Jeff Klein is planning state-level legislation that would bar New York purchases for those on the list.

And Klein’s measure would potentially go further for those on a watch list: Firearm confiscation.

Under Klein’s proposal, any individual on those lists who are licensed to carry a gun would have their license revoked and have their weapon confiscated by the State Police.

“Terrorists armed to the teeth in San Bernadino and Paris call for stricter provisions in our state’s gun laws,” said Klein, a Bronx lawmaker and the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference. “As the sponsor of the SAFE Act, I will immediately introduce a new provision to ban any individual on the federal terrorist watch list or on the no fly list from purchasing a gun in New York State.”

The proposal has the potential to jam Klein’s governing partners in the Senate Republican conference, who hold a narrow majority in the chamber and have already faced angry constituents over the passage of the SAFE Act gun control law in 2013.

Senate GOP lawmakers have shown little desire to take up new gun control measures since the passage of the SAFE Act and have sought to roll back some of the law’s key provisions. Senate Republicans and Gov. Andrew Cuomo reached an agreement in June to not enact an ammunition database, which the State Police had struggled to develop.

On the federal level, Republicans have raised concerns with using the no-fly list to bar gun purchases, given due-process concerns as well as those being placed on the list incorrectly.

But Klein, in his statement, indicated the details were beside the point given the concerns over terrorism.

“While our nation’s representatives quibble over details, New York can not afford to risk the lives of our citizens by letting guns fall into the hands of dangerous individuals,” Klein said.

Updated: Shortly after Klein announced his proposal, Sen. Brad Hoylman of the mainline Democratic conference made a similar proposal that would “close the terror gap.”

Hoylman, a Manhattan lawmaker, proposed a measure that was similar to the one enacted by Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy through executive order, which bans those on the no-fly or terrorist watch list from gun purchases in the state.

“This ‘terror gap’ poses a direct threat to the safety and security of all New Yorkers,” Hoylman said. “Preventing individuals identified as a credible national security threat from being able to legally purchase a gun is a sensible and critical change that will improve our ability to keep firearms out of the hands of those who mean to do us harm.”

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