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NY Pistol Recertification Deadline Approaching

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UTICA — Local gun owners are at risk of losing their guns if they fail to recertify their pistol permits by the January 31st deadline.

Following the deadline, your pistol, and other guns you may own, are subject to being confiscated by authorities.

Assemblyman Marc Butler (R) says response rates for permit recertification have been slow, noting that only 25 percent of gun owners have recertified their permits.

“Law abiding citizens want to do the right thing,” Assemblyman Butler said. “They want to follow the law. It’s the people that have no concern. The criminals and the people that just don’t pay attention, that won’t effect. So essentially you turn many law abiding firearms owners into people who potentially are criminals, and they’ve done nothing wrong.”

If you have a pistol permit issued before January 15, 2013, you must get your permit re-certified.

According to assemblyman Butler, failing to re-certify those pistol permits means that as early as February 1st, you could be out of compliance with the law.

There are no fees associated with recertification.

In order to recertify a pistol electronically, or check the status of a recertification, visit https://firearms.troopers.ny.gov/pprecert/ . Paper recertifications can be found at the New York State Police website, http://troopers.ny.gov/firearms/ , or any New York State Police location.

This article was originally published at WKTV.