Shotguns for Sale

The quality and reliability of your shotgun has the potential to save your life and those of your loved ones.  If you are looking for shotguns for sale in the greater Albany area, look no further than Zack’s Sports.  Our gun shop and indoor shooting range in Round Lake, NY has a vast selection of shotguns.  We are conveniently located between Albany, NY and Saratoga, NY.

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Albany’s Best Shotguns for Sale

Our inventory includes Winchester shotguns, Henry shotguns, Mossbergs, Armscors, SDS, Tristars, Mavericks and all the other top names in the industry.  Whether you are looking for a basic shotgun, one with pump action or a piece of another variety, you are sure to find it in our extensive inventory.

shotgun sales in ny

The Right Shotgun for You

No two shotguns are exactly the same.  Drop on into Zack’s Sports to learn more about our selection of shotguns for sale and you’ll find our friendly staff makes it easy to select the right gun for your needs.

Ask questions, pose concerns, give us an idea of what you are looking for in a shotgun and it won’t take long to set you up with the perfect new gun.  Our team is here to help those who have never purchased a shotgun as well as those looking to add to their shotgun collection.

Meet With Zack’s Sports’ Friendly Staff

Ask around Albany, Round Lake and Saratoga about Zack’s Sports and you’ll find our shotgun experts have the best inventory in town.  Just as important is the fact that our staff is revered for its exemplary customer service.  Zack’s Sports has been in business dating back to ’93, largely because we strive to exceed customer expectations.  Aside from providing the area’s best shotguns we also provide locals with an indoor shooting range and gun training courses.

If you have any questions, contact us today.