Zack’s Sports Inc. Will assess what you know or don’t know about shooting. Make a goal and start you on a path of shooting accurately and consistently.

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Zack’s Sports Inc. now offers Firearm Training:

  • “Beginner” Instruction
  • Formal Instruction
  • County Qualification Instruction

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Training House Saratoga’s mission is to improve your skills, confidence and overall firearms knowledge. Register online today through Training House Saratoga

THS offers many kinds of classes, including:

  • County Permit Classes
  • Firearms Training Classes
  • Out-of-State Permit Classes

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Training Courses

In conjunction with Training House Saratoga,

Zack’s Sports is proud to offer training courses for obtaining your New York State Pistol License, and  The Advanced Handgun Course for Saratoga County.

We also offer out of state Handgun Permitting courses, Utah CCW Course.

To find out more information click on the link   Training House Saratoga