Training House Saratoga

Training Courses

In conjunction with Training House Saratoga, Zack’s Sports is proud to offer training courses for pistol permits and defensive gunmanship!

From Training House Saratoga:

Immerse yourself in live-motion, life-sized, real-world scenarios where YOUR decisions and actions determine the outcome of each challenge. (Think of what it would be like to be dropped into the middle of your favorite action movie, and you’ll begin to get the idea…)

We offer a unique experience and a virtual range unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  Through the use of professional-grade, live-action simulation software typically reserved for the elite of military and law enforcement, you too can experience this top-of-the-line training environment.  With classes ranging from beginner-level to expert, we have something for everyone – and it’s all conducted in one of the safest, most immersive and life-like training environments you’ll ever experience!

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Training House Saratoga’s mission is to improve your skills, confidence and overall firearms knowledge. Register online today through Training House Saratoga and begin your journey to firearm mastery!

THS offers many kinds of classes, including:

  • County Permit Classes
  • Firearms Training Classes
  • Out-of-State Permit Classes

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