Education & Lessons

Handgun, AR & Shotgun Lessons in our Indoor Range

Our Instructors will assess what you know or don’t know about your shooting skills.

Make a goal and start you on a path of shooting accurately and consistently.

Basic Handgun

If you’re new to handgun ownership or maybe you’ve had your handgun for years but never had Instruction.

We specialize in getting you comfortable with your handgun.
We will go over safety, how to hold your handgun, load/unload, stance, sights, trigger work, and so much more.

Intermediate Handgun

We will take your handgun handling, accuracy, and speed to the next level. Consisting of various live fire and dry fire drills. This course will give you a true understanding of your handgun. We will increase a your confidence and proficiency regardless of experience. This is a great course to get you ready for your county’s live fire qualification.


Intro to Shotgun

If you’re new to Shotgun ownership or maybe you’ve had your Shotgun for years but never had Instruction.

We show you around your Shotgun, how to load, unload, point, and shoot it


Modern Sporting Rifle (AR-15 / M4)

We show you around your MSR (AR-15 / M4)

 We will familiarized you with safety, loading and unloading procedures, zeroing in and shooting fundamentals


Training House Saratoga’s mission

Is to improve your skills, confidence and overall firearms knowledge.

Register online today through Training House Saratoga

THS offers many kinds of classes, including




Utah & Florida Out-of-State Permit Class


Gun Training Courses

In conjunction with Training House Saratoga,

The team at Zack’s Sports is excited to offer our customers a wide variety of gun training courses in Sarataoga County, NY. We provide courses that are perfect for people of all skill levels. Whether you have never held a gun before, or you’ve already been a licensed carrier for years, our handgun training services are fun, educational, and most of all can go a long way towards ensuring you are as safe and accurate as possible with your firearm.

Some of the gun training classes we have available in Saratoga County include a beginner instruction course for those just getting started, formal handgun training from an expert, and even Saratoga County qualification preparation through our Advanced Handgun Training course.

We can even help you get your New York State Pistol License with our pistol permit classes. You will learn the ins and outs of handling, firing, and storing your handgun, ensuring you have all of the knowledge and experience needed to acquire your license. Our goal is to improve your familiarity and confidence while holding a firearm, and the training courses we offer are open to anyone who is eager to pursue a license or even would just like some additional practice.

We invite you to register online if you would like to learn more about the Saratoga County gun training courses we have available. If you have any questions about what these courses entail or how you might benefit from the, we invite you to give us a call today to speak with a knowledgeable member of the Zack’s Sports team. And remember, for all of your gun and ammunition needs, stop by our shop in Round Lake, NY to browse our complete inventory.