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July 22, 2015
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TSA provides firearm travel tips

Binghamton (WIVT) – The Transportation Safety Administration is giving tips to airline passengers about the protocol pertaining to traveling with firearms.

A news conference was held Thursday at the Greater Binghamton Airport to demonstrate how to safely pack a firearm for a flight.

TSA officials said firearms should be packed in a hard-sided case that is secured by either combination or key locks.

The gun should be unloaded with ammunition safely secured in its original packaging.

TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said passengers should do their homework before traveling.

“You certainly don’t want to end your vacation with a firearms violation. It depends on the jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions will cite you, others will issue a summons and some will arrest you on the spot,” said Farbstein.

Farbstein said travelers should also check in with the airline they are flying with to notify personnel that they have a gun.

Last year, a total of 18 guns were found at airports statewide.

As of June, there have been 20 firearms that have been caught at New York airports this year.

However, none have been taken at the Greater Binghamton Airport.

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